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12 Signs of Abuse
  • At the start of the relationship he accelerates the pace, putting things like commitment, living together, even marriage on the agenda prematurely
  • He uses phrases like "together for life", "always" or "no matter what" making it hard for you to cool the pace
  • You find yourself dismissing misgivings early on. - these could be from fearing he could hurt you or just a vague feeling things aren't right
  • He suffers from mood swings - you tread on eggshells because there's no knowing what will set him off
  • He becomes jealous of anyone or anything that takes up your time outside the relationship or requires you to account for every moment
  • He is often verbally abusive, using threats to hurt, embarrass or restrict your freedom and bullying language during arguments
  • He breaks or hits things during rows and uses symbolic violence like tearing up photos or destroying your personal possessions
  • He refuses to accept rejection. As far as he's concerned the relationship continues for as long as HE says
  • He relates everything in his life to you. Saying things like "without you there'd be no point existing". That's not love, it's obsession
  • He uses money to control you
  • He minimises abusive incidents as if each time was a total one off. He makes you believe he's not a violent person, it's just that sometimes bad things happen between you that you're both EQUALLY responsible for
  • He blames others for the way he is. His parents messed him up or something you did made him angry
Taken from Cosmopolitan June 1999