Registered Charity No. 1126198
because love shouldn't hurt
Working with Oasis -
  • You’ll be empowering families traumatised by domestic violence and abuse to recover from their experiences and move onto new lives. Jobs don’t get much more varied or meaningful than this.
  • We are highly innovative and always looking to continuously learn and improve so we’ll be keen to hear your ideas.
  • You’ll find that your manager is a coach – supporting and encouraging you to achieve your best and recognising the contribution you make.
  • All of us really value diversity. We respond to the needs of the individual.
  • We believe in investing in the professional development of our staff team and they are respected for their professionalism.
The team at Oasis are dedicated and committed to providing the best possible service. They are proud of their specialist role in this difficult area of support and we know this is true:

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