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Charities Aid Foundation Charities Aid Foundation cheque
Through Give as You Earn
Encourage your employer to organise payroll giving for the company or organisation.
Personal cheque By personal cheque to Oasis PO Box 174 Margate Kent CT9 4GA.

Write or Email Oasis
By taking part in events or hosting a collection box, write to us for more details or email Oasis Womens Refuge.
Leaving a legacy
Leave A Legacy
There are three types of legacy you can leave to charity in your will:
a residuary gift – the remainder or a share of your estate after expenses and other gifts have been deducted, a pecuniary gift – a sum of money, a specific gift – a specific item, such as a house or painting. To make sure your wishes are followed correctly, you should draw up your will with a qualified solicitor. We can arrange for this to be done for free by a local solicitor.

Giftaid It
Gift Aid is a government scheme to refund the tax on your donations. If you are a UK taxpayer you will have already paid tax on your earnings so gift aid ensures that the money you donate isn’t in effect taxed twice. If you complete a Gift Aid form we have permission to reclaim the tax meaning that we have an additional 25p for every £1 donated and this doesn’t cost you a penny! For more information please visit (insert hmrc website here). To help us further please download our printable Gift Aid form and post or email us.
Oasis QR Code This is Oasis QR Code (quick read). When you see this on promotional materials and have installed a qr code reader on your mobile phone you can photograph these codes and they will link you directly to a webpage or text message. Ours will link you to this page so that you can donate on the go if you wish to! Others may give you more product information if they are related to sales. For further information and to download the reader please go to QR Code.
A letter written by resident child
A letter written by resident child